Saturday, October 9, 2010

Danegerous scam photographer, updates

(Please disregard the date this posting was originally made on, as I am constantly updating this page with new information as it comes in)

Be aware of this man who victimizes females who model nude (he is being sought by the the police in a few vicinities, particularly for a string of scams he ran in the Metro DC Area he also has an oustanding warrant in the NC area from 4 years ago), models that have been taken by this perp, please report the crimes to a national FBI web site on crimes committed with aid of internet so all the crimes can be tied together and he is finally caught (this hasn't proven fruitful yet, unfortunately but it can't hurt to keep trying)

Emails he is using or has previously used:
(last two emails he is pretending to be a female photographer named Jami or Carol, and/or it's a female accomplice)

Phone numbers he is using or has previously used:

Some current/previous aliases:
Jim Hines
Jay Hanes
Carol Garbiano
Fokus Foto
Richmond Fotog


Online presence.activities:
-I have just been notified he frequents and for models willing to pose nude, exotic dancers and now escorts.
-He also regularly posts on on and on forums where he "reviews"  escorts local to his location (Richmond, VA or nearby). He goes there by "Richmond Fotog"
-Social netwroking sites he's on:
-I have his ISP address and he is linking through this blog posting on him as well as a thread on him and the threads on him

Additionally, I STRONGLY do NOT recommend photographer Duncan Hall aka Daryl Hall ( also goes by Solve et Coagula ( and he is also on as "Orfik"
He has a few websites under various aliases this is one: and this is another: 
Please pass this on and and feel free to contact me if you would like more information.
Stay safe,